The curious case of a damp block of flats – and a giant gorilla's arse.
Signing a lease is a big step toward adulting, but you need to step carefully.
More and more tenants are struggling to pay their rent.
Falling behind with rent payments - even for just a few days - should affect tenants’ credit ratings, landlords have urged
Official figures show homelessness is rising. Against a backdrop of low unemployment yet slowing wage growth, there has been a 10% rise in the number of homeless households in England.
Dear Caroline Ansell I haven't had a working shower for a week. I know this may seem like pretty small beer. You have bigger
Earlier this week, E4 broadcast an interesting programme called "How to Live the Chelsea Life," about an exclusive, high-end house sharing company, which prides itself on only renting to aspirational, young, sociable people. And by interesting, I mean it made me want to pour sulphuric acid directly into my retinas.
Since the Budget in July - where the Chancellor proposed to restrict mortgage interest relief for individual residential