A bizarre pre-recorded message gave warning of the blast.
The bust of Confederate general Nathan Bedford Forrest was likened to a monument to Adolf Hitler. Supporters said removing it would erase history.
Matt and Noah Colvin's donation of the sanitiser was restitution enough, the Tennessee Attorney General's office said.
Friedrich Karl Berger admitted to serving as an armed guard at Neuengamme, a labor and death camp, in 1945. He now lives in Tennessee.
Pupils in Tennessee have been warned that reading the spells in the J.K. Rowling novels could conjure up actual evil spirits.
An 11-year-old was removed from class for speaking out repeatedly against her classmates giving the Sieg Heil salute.
She was a teenage sex trafficking victim who feared for her life.
David Earl Miller's last words were "beats being on death row".
“In the past, I’ve been reluctant to publicly voice my political opinions," she told fans on Sunday.
A Tennessee couple is feeling the love after a video clip of their unusual marriage proposal went viral.
Travis Reinking of Illinois has been named as a person of interest in the shooting.
Bernice King said the speech her father had planned before he died was titled "America May Go to Hell".
Andy Savage acknowledged the 1998 encounter and said he remains “very remorseful” for “the pain I caused.”
A statue of Confederate general and KKK leader Nathan Bedford Forrest came down Wednesday, just hours after the sale ordinance was signed.
New mother Tina Gibson admits being shocked when she discovered she’d be carrying an egg about as old as she is.
The rise and stall of the Fourth Reich.
You don’t need to watch a single episode of Nashville to identify Tennessee as America’s capital city of music.
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We all know Nashville is the birthplace of country music, and home of the Grand Ole Opry. Tennessee is where you’ll find
How appealing is a society where bullying, abuse, and violence decrease, maybe even disappear? Do you feel technology can
An 11-year-old American boy has been found guilty of shooting dead an eight-year-old girl in a row over puppies. The juvenile