The tennis champion couldn’t have asked for a more adorable cheering section.
The 17-time grand slam champ was favourite to win the tournament.
This week in entertainment everyone is looking back as we reach the halfway point of 2020. Coronavirus has put paid to Wimbledon tennis tournament, but that hasn’t stopped some classic games being replayed, while Eastenders brings back episodes from yesteryear.
Strawberry sales are soaring and lockdown has made professional queuers of us all.
Social distancing measures haven't put people off as tennis clubs report huge demand on reopening.
The 26-year-old says losing can affect his self-worth and make him feel isolated with no one to talk to.
The tennis champion opens up for the first time about the impact of anxiety, on and off the court.
The tennis champion defeated Stan Wawrinka to win his first title since Dubai in March 2017.
The defending champion wins his fifth Wimbledon title and 16th career major title.