Terrence Higgins Trust

The Terrence Higgins Trust has issued guidance on how to have sex while reducing the risk of catching or spreading coronavirus.
A new study reveals 84% of people have abstained from sex outside of their household in order to slow the spread of coronavirus.
Some people living with HIV were sent a ‘shielding’ text message by the British government in error telling them to completely self-isolate for three months. Organisations including the Terrence Higgins Trust and British HIV Association have clarified that many people who are healthy and living with HIV do not need to be more worried about Covid-19 than the general population.
Despite the fantastic progress in HIV science, public attitudes have not kept up, Terrence Higgins Trust CEO Ian Green writes.
No, it doesn't just affect gay men.
"It’s vital this story doesn’t put people off accessing PrEP."
Every week 15 gay and bisexual men in London are diagnosed with HIV, yet councils are currently withholding a drug that could stop this
40% of NHS clinics offering the drug in England are now turning away gay and bisexual men.
As demand for sexual health services rises by 13%, funding for public health has been continuously cut, with sexual health service budgets being cut by a quarter.
95% of young people told us they had not learned about LGBT sex and relationships