The deputy prime minister does not want MPs to be kept at a distance from their constituents either.
Forgive the mildly indulgent personal story to start this piece, but it's relevant to the tragic events that unfolded in
Perhaps it's time that we viewed terror as not the threat of the other but threat and control from within or perhaps above. What Trump is doing in America is an act of Terror, to spread an agenda of fear, not through singular explosive acts, but by placing a fear of the unknown into people's heads Surely it the ultimate proof and ability of whiteness, that it can, in fact, behave as the perfect manipulator and creator of a society of fear, without being called a terrorist, while simultaneously labelling any opposition as committing acts of terror.
"Poor, poor Paris. Killed by complacency," opines Niall Ferguson (Sunday Times, 15 November 2015). This is Ferguson's parting
In short, the Qur'an tells the reader how it should be interpreted, so the notion that "it's all in the interpretation" is false. Extremists are desperate for all to accept their poisonous narrative as Gospel truth. My message? Don't believe the hype.
*I dedicate this to those who have not yet seen the hope and potential of the generation of leaders to come. Peace? The only
The GMR is based at UNESCO headquarters in Paris and, while none of the Report team was directly affected by the weekend's
As the parents of young children, we happened to be awake on and off through the night last Friday. As we repeatedly cajoled
An Islamic extremist, once imprisoned for plotting to assassinate the former prime minister of Iraq, was shot and killed
Much has been made of the government's Prevent Strategy, part of which requires teachers and lecturers to monitor their students