the best medicine

We have many tools at our disposal to help people in overcoming mental health problems and we have come very far in developing effective treatments. But we can - and must - go further. Rigid seriousness can exaggerate threats, amplify slights and close down our openness to different ways of responding to things. Humour can protect us...
The mum-of-one devised comedy show 'A Billion Days of Parenthood'.
Postnatal depression didn’t just make Taylor Glenn anxious, it also undermined her whole identity as a comedian. She felt
The vagueness of 'mental health' as a label means that, like 'madness' for the Victorians, it's in danger of becoming a shorthand for any human behaviour we struggle to understand. It's become standard for the media to mention 'a history of mental health problems' in the reporting of murder cases. We need different ways of discussing and reporting these things. But where do we start, when depression and its counterpart conditions are so slippery, so poorly understood, that we've barely even got a working definition that everyone agrees on?
Is laughter the best medicine? Well, no. Medicine is. But it's still pretty good.
The health benefits of laughing are widely chronicled. It releases endorphins, which make us feel happy, as well as other
My laughter journey from ill-health and a life on benefits after losing my job to running my own laughter business, has now evolved to running "Laughter Cleanse" - first in the world to combine a juice cleanse and raw food detox retreat with the healing benefits of laughter - it just makes so much sense!
At home, at college, in relationships, in comedy etc I was the laid back funny guy that only very rarely let the mask slip. It wasn't until circumstances in my personal life hit a wall that finally the act had to come to an end and for the first time in my life, I snapped and told someone what was going on inside me on any given day.
We need this downtime for our psyche. We need to allow ourselves to feel pain, sadness, boredom, indolence. It's part of our emotional ecosystem, which is very good at balancing itself out if you allow it to. Technology is a barrier to this. Our soul is like the weather - you have rain, sun, wind, snow - all the elements. We are using technology to mask these feelings and it's affecting our mental health.