The Exorcist

As the nights draw in and a post work run becomes even less appealing, it got us wondering about the alternative ways to get our pulses racing? We've all heard the expression my "heart skipped a beat", but how does horror actually affect our heart rates?
Matthew McConaughey might have been forever consigned to a career as everyone's favourite rom-com rogue, if director William
Every year, Halloween means a rash of film releases designed to haunt, terrify or (if you're a little younger) gently goad
Watching a horror film can burn the same amount of calories as spending an hour washing windows - and is infinitely more
Who knew being possessed by Satan and projectile vomiting over do-gooders could be such a chuckle-fest? A massive hat-tip
Meet the real-life exorcist who claims to perform ten services a week. Brother Hermes, from Colombia, has been coming to
Try as you might to convince me that watching horror films is an activity for sane human beings, I shall not be moved.