The Masked Singer

Here’s something we never thought we’d see. In the latest episode of The Masked Singer, a mystery celeb in a fuzzy pink bear costume who rapped to Sir Mix-A-Lot’s ‘Baby Got Back’ was revealed to be former US governor Sarah Palin. Palin declared it was the “weirdest thing I’ve ever done”, before treating shocked fans to an unmasked performance.
This week in the world of entertainment, The Masked Singer came to an amazing but not too surprising climax, there’s hints of a possible Girls Aloud reunion, we’re getting nostalgic and taking a look back at The Brit Awards 2000, Lewis Capaldi continued his dual personality antics, and we were in awe at Lizzo’s tequila drinking skills.
With just three stars left in the competition, we *think* we've got them all worked out.
The actress and presenter was one of two mystery celebs to be unmasked on the ITV show this weekend.
His gaffe did not go unnoticed as he tried to work out which celebrity was behind Daisy's disguise.
ITV has now apologised after the judge mistakenly believed "Daisy" was Natalie Cole, who died in 2015.
Producers also had to implement strict rules about how long the famous contestants were allowed to wear their masks.
Fans may have their theories about the characters' secret identities, but one sneaky celeb is not making it easy for them.