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No sport should be the preserve of the one gender, and Murray has always been quick to correct anyone who implies otherwise
By championing the fact that we’re all different, we can continue to inspire more women
Find what it is that makes you feel good afterwards
We’re now four weeks into the busy New Year and for many women - regardless of age, ability or background - the feelings
This season Emma Stone will transform into legendary tennis player Billie Jean King for her latest film ‘Battle Of The Sexes
Many of us bear the scars of the forgotten gym kit - and the horror of being forced to run about in your pants. Despite tackling triathlons over the last few years I wasn't the most natural of athletes at school and P.E. for me, was an exercise in not being as good as everyone else. Most women seem to have painful memories of school sports.
I was once chatted up by a guy at a bar who didn't even try hide his surprise that I played rugby. He was more concerned at letting me know that I was a girl and it's a rough sport, in case I hadn't realised. I explained to him that your gender shouldn't stop you playing a contact sport, and sent him packing.
Ellie Goulding has revealed that taking up boxing and kickboxing helped her manage anxiety and overcome panic attacks she