Tobias Ellwood

Tobias Ellwood claimed Russia will be "enjoying the self-inflicted distraction" from the war in Ukraine.
Criticism, heckling each other, a muted behind-closed-doors meeting, a contortion and zombie-like supportive tweets.
Unions are threatening industrial action over plans to slash civil service jobs by 91,000.
Tobias Ellwood said it was a question of "when, not if" Boris Johnson faces a vote of no confidence.
“Leaders can be changed at anytime," one Conservative MP said.
Tobias Ellwood also repeated his demand for the prime minister to stand down over partygate.
A Tory MP suggested Conservative Campaign HQ would be stockpiling stories on Starmer’s time as Director of Public Prosecutions.
HuffPost UK will keep you up-to-date with the running total of Conservative MPs who suggest the prime minister should resign or face a confidence vote.
“I don’t think the prime minister realises how worried colleagues are in every corner of the party."
Tobias Ellwood shared a blistering assessment of the withdrawal operation.