Tony Bennett

The 94-year-old crooner was diagnosed with the condition four years ago.
For the average stage school starstruck teenager, Amy should be mandatory viewing. If nothing else, it would serve as a stark reminder of the perils of mass popularity. Like a packet of cigarettes, this movie needs to come with a health warning attached.
Gaga looked more like her old self as she partied in Soho Before she headed out, Gaga assured fans that Tony was doing ok
Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga were due to perform a second gig at London's Royal Albert Hall A statement from Hyperactive Publicity
Lady Gaga is known for her love of the royal family, having even penned a song about Princess Diana, and on Monday (8 June
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Just because I prefer the music of yesteryear doesn't mean I automatically dismiss the latest tunes. I'm all in favour of flash-in-the pan, one-hit wonders. But I'm still going to swing left-of-the-radio dial, as programmed by BBC Radio 6 and NPR Music in the States.
Lady Gaga has teased fans with details of her forthcoming album, but rather than the hotly anticipated follow-up album to
A retired solicitor who published claims that Madeleine McCann's parents caused her death received a suspended jail sentence
It was an emotional night for the parents of Amy Winehouse, as they watched Tony Bennett accept the Grammy Award for best