tooth decay

Some dentists in the US have reported a spike in patients seeking relief from bad breath.
Almost nine out of 10 hospital tooth extractions in young children aged five and under are for rotting teeth that could have been prevented, new data from Public Health England (PHE) reveals. Tooth decay could be prevented by cutting down on sugar and practicing good oral hygiene. Here are some small changes that could have a big impact on your children’s teeth.
Australian cigarette packets carry graphic photos of possible smoking consequences, and the same deterrents may be added to sugary drinks. SA's health department might want to pay attention.
Researchers say cigarette-style graphic warnings would encourage us to cut back on sugar.
The youngest patient was less than a year old.
This compares to 17,043 cases for arm fractures, according to the analysis of NHS Digital data. During this period, there
If you guzzle Prosecco like it’s going out of fashion, you might be doing your teeth serious harm. That’s according to a
Wake up to a new super-fast, super-effective personal care regime.
From baby bottle teats to safety seals on aeroplane doors, from hospital syringes and medical gloves and even heart pacemakers