tower hamlets

Housing secretary admitted “unlawfully” signing off scheme by the publishing magnate, who is a Tory party donor.
Labour warns of "undue influence" as it highlighted the PM approving the Westferry development when he was London mayor.
For the safety of all our citizens, we must see these cuts reversed nationally and locally. The public rightly need to be kept safe on our streets, and this is surely the most basic of duties that all of us expect from national and local government leaders alike.
My recent adventures in Tower Hamlets have filled me with inspiration. Inventors Club Whitechapel looks forward to 2017 with ambitious projects to continue their mission of highlighting and nurturing young and local talent.
Who knows how our new British experiment will turn out. But a democracy is only democratic if voting is restricted to those entitled to vote. Measures aimed at ensuring that are, in principle, to be applauded.
Women and young people in some ethnic minority communities are being pressured to vote “according to the will of the elders
Britain First members protest outside the East London Mosque "Police have a duty to safeguard the right to protest, and balance
The Bishop of London has praised two Tower Hamlets priests for growing beards to "reach out" to local Muslims. Richard Chartres
Under the old system you could register anyone you liked, without having to produce any ID. This meant fraudsters could bag votes for people who didn't actually exist. We saw serious abuse of this flaw in the Tower Hamlets Mayoral elections last year, and the courts have since overturned the election result. In 21st Century Britain ballot stuffing is not acceptable.