trade deal

Just in case you don't fancy trawling through the 1,200+ page document yourself.
The EU has said there are "just a few hours" left for an agreement to be reached.
Brexit talks were on, then off, then back on again after another crunch week of negotiations passed without Boris Johnson or the EU deciding to compromise and get a deal, or go for no deal. The prime minister’s dinner in Brussels with Ursula von der Leyen failed to break the deadlock and fears of no deal are rising with just weeks left until the end of the transition.Joining Arj Singh and Paul Waugh, Anand Menon of the UK In A Changing Europe think-tank and Maddy Thimont-Jack of the Institute for Government try to read the tea leaves and work out where the country is heading after Christmas, and what it means for the PM.Make sense of politics. Sign up to the Waugh Zone and get the political day in a nutshell every weekday evening.
PM suggests it's time to prepare for an “Australia-style” agreement.
We could end up with tonnes of fish that Brits don't even like and no way of selling them to the EU before they rot.
The two leaders have already reportedly agreed to pursue an 'ambitious' UK-US trade deal.