transatlantic trade and investment partnership

Confidential documents cannot be revealed until five years after a deal is in force.
It has the potential to create the world's largest bilateral free-trade area, creating jobs and boosting economic growth on both sides of the Atlantic, yet the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) has proved controversial from the start.
On hearing the Coalition speaking about TTIP, one can only conclude that they are unable to understand the legitimate concerns of those that rely on the NHS for their health, and need the rule of law and democracy to protect them. They say 'there's nothing to see here' when we can all see the potential threats to what we cherish.
It would be a "nightmare" if Britain decided to quit the European Union, a former director general of the World Trade Organisation
Expressing and debating differences of opinion is a welcome part of any healthy democracy. However, it can be hugely frustrating when opponents of a piece of legislation or negotiated agreement manufacture myths in an attempt to stifle debate.
Boris Johnson has dismissed critics of a controversial US-EU trade deal as "numskulls" and "left-wing misery guts globalisation
Hundreds of people are expected to hit the streets today in protest against the controversial TTIP trade deal currently being
The latest plan to bring our two trading blocs closer together has been met with similar levels of cynicism, but will lay the foundations for a trading future that will keep the EU and US at the forefront of international commerce, progress and prosperity.
Vince Cable has hit out at Ukip for opposing a controversial EU-US trade deal that the party fears would lead to "widespread
Prime Minister David Cameron has vowed to nail what he said were "myths" being put about by opponents of a planned free trade