Every time I see my scars in the mirror, I remember I prioritised my happiness over others' discomfort. But for too many trans people, that’s not an option.
The president-elect said wearing a mask is "patriotic" and discussed his need to access Trump's Covid-19 vaccine distribution plans.
For a collaboration between HuffPost UK and The Moth, Kimberly Reed tells her story of returning to her Montana hometown for her father's funeral, and reuniting with her brother and old friends.
We’re still a year away from actually leaving the EU. But at least then, we’re done, right? Wrong.
Whatever the precise mechanism, and whatever the exact terminology, a lot of time and effort will be devoted to keeping things the same. As an outcome it is likely to perplex Leavers and frustrate Remainers.
A recent article in the Telegraph discussing the topic of sex change regret raises some interesting points. In the article
If there was a switch that could turn you female overnight, would you press it? I would. In a heartbeat. My name is Lexi and I am a male to female pre-operative Trans woman, and I do not identify with body.
The new change in GCSEs has been the biggest educational reform for a long while. Transforming an exam system that has been
When I saw my old clothes in the second-hand charity shop my heart cried. Old memories and feelings started flooding back
Feeling safe during a time of transition and uncertainty in politics and society can be difficult. At such a time feeling