During my travels I met lots of people. To begin with I latched on to anyone who would have me. Anyone, just so I wasn't alone. But gradually, as I meet more and more people, I began to identify what I liked in a person, what made me want to spend time with someone.
There is a way of traveling the world that costs nothing but a little appreciation. A way of traveling that pulls you right into the cultural and social environment of strangers. Follow me on my trip into the world of couch surfing with all its facets, from opulent estates in Vienna to a dump in the heart of St Petersburg.
So, you've got your gap year "adventure of a lifetime booked". Well done you. Now comes the stressful part: packing. Forget
The sun always comes as a shock to us Brits, so it's wise to prep it as much as possible before you go away. This is the slackers guide to sunning it.
School leavers who have shunned university for the time being and opted for the good old gap year will be relieved to hear
Whisper it quietly but even those who groan at the prospect of the Olympics will be caught up in its fervour. Pre games excitement led me to go in search and have a look at the Olympic Park, or at least try to.
Blackadder star Tony Robinson has come up with a cunning plan to make the morning commute more bearable. The actor and presenter
I know it's only January, but already I'm hearing big and exciting plans for the 2012 summer months. Many of my friends - or
It's that time of year when most people get itchy feet - especially those who have chosen to go for a gap year instead of
Let's face it, the internet has pretty much replaced the Situations Vacant section of the local paper, particularly when it comes to searching for careers in travel. However, scams are rife on the internet. In fact, job scams in general multiply during tough economic times like these because so many people are desperate for work.