Trevor Nelson

Because music is my job, the only time I actually really enjoy listening to songs is when I'm travelling and fortunately this isn't always for work.
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A great songwriter who doesn't understand how to write a business plan, or has no grasp of contract law or copyright, will struggle on the journey to becoming a professional artist. We need upcoming musicians to be aware of what they are agreeing to or signing away.
'Mandela Long Walk To Freedom' hits UK screens today, telling the life story of the former South African activist turned
Twitter took unprecedented action yesterday by suspending the accounts of all those who were critical of Trevor Nelson's
A few weeks ago I was one of those Scroogey, miserable types who got all hunched and huffy whenever anyone mentioned the Olympics. I'd scowl and look at the floor and mutter about the cost, or the traffic, even though I don't live anywhere near the capital.
Community has always been a huge part of my life. I grew up in Hackney and was part of a really tight-knit, multicultural community with no frills. I'm from a working-class background; my dad was originally a bus conductor and my mother was a nursery assistant, so they were both pretty important to our neighbourhood. It was a place where everyone knew everyone. Hackney wasn't as gentrified as it is now. Houses were filled with families and there weren't many young professionals within the community. In a way, being working-class made us even closer, everyone looked out for each other.