The planned event has been described as "totally incompatible with the gospel of Jesus Christ".
I was very encouraged to see that last week’s Question Time on BBC One talked about Trident and the effect it has had on
Nuclear weapon states will soon see that it is unrealistic to continue to keep such horrific, indiscriminate, expensive weapons - costing the U.K. a mere £100,000,000,000 annually - money that could be better spent elsewhere. In this new era where conflict is taking on a new guise, where conflict comes more and more in the form of terrorism and cyber threats; archaic weapons like this one are not designed to tackle modern-day challenges.
For years, many people, myself included, have argued that nuclear weapons are so destructive, cruel and immoral that they should actually be made illegal. We live in a world that had the sense to ban landmines - an indiscriminate weapon that leaves people without limbs. This same world, until now, has not had the sense to ban a weapon that could destroy millions of lives, leave generations affected, and contribute even more damage to the world around us. But we can change this.
Attempts to clip their representatives' wings or reduce their role to parliamentary cannon fodder are not just laughable, they will also fatally undermine Labour attempts to win power and implement the policies that enthused so many. Momentum's relentless focus on changing party rules will do nothing to help Labour change the government.
On this day we remember when a nuclear bomb was dropped on the city of Nagasaki in Japan on the 9th August 1945, completely obliterating the city, killing over 200,000 women, men, and children.
Glastonbury legend also says Labour leader told him he'll scrap Trident.
Jeremy Corbyn has signalled he would scrap the UK’s nuclear weapon as soon as possible and thinks he’ll be Prime Minister
While many of its rank and file are passionately engaged in pursuing disarmament, the majority of Labour voters believe in a strong defence policy. For all of the concern over his own beliefs, Corbyn's leadership represents continuity more than it does change.
That every indication suggests Corbyn's leadership team would not continue it in the face of another Gadaffi, or the ticking time-bomb of the plight of Burma's Rohingya Muslim population, renders them unfit for office.