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"No one was shutting him down, no one was stopping him from banking, no one was calling him names."
Many people wrongly assume that the only people who rely on cash are the elderly, Which's Gareth Shaw writes.
Banks are under pressure to announce special measures to help those affected by the new rates, which were introduced to save others from excessive charges.
It might be time to move or manage your overdraft.
New rules around “available funds” could make it easier to manage your money.
Charlotte Smith had just £400 in her account when the entire amount was debited.
"Give it 20 years and the majority of businesses will take card only."
Overdraft rules are soon to be overhauled – in your favour.
The new Australian 50 dollar note only went into circulation late last year. But it's been noticed that on the note's micro text there is the misspelling of the word "responsibility" three times. The Central Bank has taken... responsibility... but said that the notes are still valid currency.
Do you still even need to carry money?