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For many of us, the most important part of the phone is the camera. If you’re specs oriented, you’re going to love these five smartphones, which deliver the most megapixels at different price points.
The Huawei P30 Pro is a fantastic flagship that stacks up well against the Samsung S10 series and makes a strong play for your wallet.
We might end up with 'selfie-free zones' in popular locations.
The birth of instant photography is by far one my favourite inventions. You can probably testify to owning that cool-as-hell Polaroid that enabled you to magically freeze a moment and instantly share with friends. That vintage camera has since been replaced by the one currently in your pocket, and now rests on your shelf where house guests nod their head with nostalgic approval.
Apple has started a recall program for a specific number of iPhone 6 Plus models after a fault was discovered with a component
Surely not... What could you see with an 83x zoom? It's a lot, and in fact the Nikon P900 is the only bridge camera that
The rise of the smartphone camera has been somewhat unavoidable. In the same way that we used to carefully curate our Mini
Canon has unveiled a literally-massive new range of DSLR cameras - including a model with the highest-ever resolution for
Buying the best camera in the world is impossible, firstly because the best camera in the world is -- arguably -- above our
Raise device at 174 degree angle, eyes at sea level, (unless you have false lashes on, then aim for sky level), lips must pout, but not too much trout, curl tongue inside mouth for optimum cheek contouring, stand 2m from warm light and avoid shadow casting, and "CLICK". Delete and repeat...