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Despite record numbers of women graduating from university and achieving better results than men for the first time, it could
Global gas prices are going up, and prices for UK consumers are going up too. Gas suppliers are raising prices by around
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Proposed changes to parental leave could result in half of all working mothers taking cuts in their
PRESS ASSOCIATION --- The UK's human rights watchdog should be scrapped, a think-tank has said. The Equalities and Human
Where we should take on the issues that drive people to the far right and address the misconceptions about immigration and integration, we have instead created a battleground in which mainstream media and politicians fan the flames of far-right extremism.
Christian fundamentalists should cease their phoney claims of persecution and drop their demand to be able to discriminate lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. Instead, they should concentrate on supporting their fellow Christians elsewhere in the world who are suffering real and grave persecution because of their faith.
There were 298 applications for CRB checks that used the little-known "transgender applications process" last financial year. (April 2010 - March 2011) That sounds like quite a lot, but is it as many as we'd expect?
I often think to myself that it would have been so much simpler to have lived in a time when women didn't have as many choices as they do now. "Spoiled for choice" is not a phrase to take lightly.
It is indeed important to widen access to the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, so that they admit the best applicants, not merely the best-schooled applicants. If we want to raise the aspirations of thousands of kids, then we cannot and must not stigmatise success.