UK Farming

National Farmers Union calls for post-Brexit rules on seasonal workers to be eased to plug gaps.
Agriculture has been engulfed by a labour shortage blamed on Brexit and Covid-19. Will 800 visas be enough to help?
This wife and husband tried to run a farm for seventeen years, but the soil was against them, so they started to look at their land differently and decided to let nature take over. They reintroduced various wildlife and with minimal maintenance let them take over, which can be fully explored in their book “Wilding: The Return Of Nature To A British Farm”.
Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones is fighting against the institutions and systems in Britain to make farming a more diverse industry. He hopes that more diversity with the people involved will mean more diversity in produce and results.
Overseas staff who pluck for Britain will be able to work during quarantine – but must stay abreast of other requirements.
The Leave-voting GBBO judge is calling on the government to protect farmers from the consequences of Brexit.
Exclusive: Boris Johnson urged by rebel Tory MP to listen to parliament's "serious concerns" as Lords prepare fresh battle on food imports.
"Not the best start" to environment secretary George Eustice's campaign, says Labour.
The farming industry has a clear vested interest in minimum wage workers who are able to sign away their regular lives, says freelance writer Athlyn Cathcart-Keays.
The first 180 labourers are due to arrive at Stansted Airport on Thursday, suggesting the government's Pick for Britain scheme may arrive too late for some farms.