uk heatwave

This weekend will bring the hottest day of the year so far, with temperatures set to reach a sizzling 31C (87.8F) on Saturday
It's summer in Northern Ireland. It's 27° Celsius in the shade... Summer weather in Northern Ireland isn't a given. It casts a searchlight of truth on the local residents, as roughly 1.811 million people emerge, blinking, into the unfamiliar light of a summer day.
"Past that it is hard to be certain, but we don't have much rain at all forecast for the next seven to 10 days." But police
Andy Murray is enjoying a well-earned break from the courts today after he reached the "pinnacle of tennis" and became the
The country sweltered on the warmest day of the year on Sunday as Andy Murray proved himself to be the hottest British tennis
After some of the wettest and most miserable summers over the last few years you'd be forgiven for thinking this weekends
Forecasters say there is a "fairly comfortable" chance that Sunday will top Saturday's record-breaking temperatures. West
Southerners are set to swelter in Mediterranean temperatures over the weekend, with even the north of UK expected to bask
Bright, sunny weather, but cooler temperatures this weekend should mean perfect conditions for the London marathon. A widespread
While you're pulling on yet another jumper, spare a thought for Sydney - which has been sweltering its way through the hottest