Almost 1,000 women with links to Islamic State, along with their children, are known to live in the camp.
The teenager, from Blackburn, Lancashire, plotted to murder police officers in Australia at the Anzac Day parade in 2015.
John Letts and Sally Lane tried to send money to their son after he travelled to Syria at the age of 18.
As a human rights activist and a former soldier who had skills that were practically, directly useful, I thought I could make a difference. To me it was almost simple – I should go.
Nicola Benyahia’s son Rasheed was radicalised and went to fight for Islamic State. Rasheed died in combat in Syria and Nicola now works with families in Birmingham and across the UK to stop others suffering the same fate as her family and working on the signs to stop people from becoming radicalised.
If verified, the clip could be proof Baghdadi is still alive, despite Isis losing all of its territories.
There has been no evidence to back the claims.
Del Babu says there should be a "serious case review" into how authorities behaved before she fled.
UK "cannot predict" whether fall of physical territory might increase domestic terror risk.
Whatever you think of the runaway teen, her baby was wholly and completely innocent, and his death is a moment to re-evaluate our country's moral compass