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Yup, it turns out that the 'medicine cabinet' actually shouldn't be called that.
"I felt unheard and unseen. My doctor sent me to a breast database to find my 'new boobs.' I sobbed as I searched."
It's a no-go during pregnancy, but what about when feeding your baby?
Knowing how to insert nasal spray into your nose makes a huge difference in its effectiveness.
There's a "social contract being pulled from under doctors’ feet”, according to an NHS surgeon.
Unless women are respected and listened to by the medical establishment, health scandals will continue to happen again and again, Sophie Wilkinson writes.
These are the medicines impacted – plus what's being done to rectify the problem.
The NHS is running low on medication for epilepsy, heart conditions, cancer and mental illnesses, according to a new document.
Those on the frontline are caught between political uncertainty and a scared and sometimes angry public.
Patients could hold a drink, use cutlery, brush their hair or teeth, and put on makeup.