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Our daily series breaking down last night's episode of Love Island.
"We should be teaching boys to be comfortable in their own skin."
It is not enough to cancel one show and just move on. Broadcasters need a new gold standard for treatment, and to fund a dedicated support system for people who have appeared in the media.
Think being a celebrity is all glitz, glamour and living the dream? From online trolls to paranoia to losing your body confidence, it can be more like a nightmare
In a world fractured by division, conflict and pain, a show like Queer Eye which challenges us to be better by getting better itself will never not matter
‘Former Love Island contestant’ is a specific type of fame only a handful of people have ever experienced – if those people are saying it’s a broken system, we owe it to them to listen.
As a long-time fan of the original reality television behemoth it’s felt like Channel 5 were determined to make this series fail no matter what
'It was just something inappropriate, I didn’t appreciate it.'
Under Channel 5, Big Brother had become so far removed from what made it so great in the first place
Many of us want more black women on TV - but their treatment is all too painful to watch