UK Religion

A record number of Muslims are seeking a financial lifeline as shocking figures reveal the full impact of the pandemic.
How do I tell my children that if they’d been born just six decades earlier they probably would have been murdered?
Health workers report feeling “guilt and sorrow” after feeling forced to shave their facial hair to be fitted for PPE.
Death is nothing when you anticipate a resurrection — just blink your eyes and awake in perfection.
Many families like mine don’t celebrate what is a Christian festival after all. But getting through this turbulent year together changed everything.
Like Trump and his supporters working to undermine our democracy illustrate, deluded fanaticism is always harmful, and my family was no exception.
I’m dreading being apart from my family and my community this Diwali. But I’m determined to celebrate too.
The festival of light has a message of new beginnings we could all do with right now.
Growing up, I was taught to understand 'the Good Book' the way an originalist understands the Constitution. Now I know how dangerous that approach can be.
Calls have spiked since lockdown as we faced a lonely Ramadan and stressful A-Level results day. But we will always be somewhere to turn to without fear of judgment or chastisement.