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The Blinding Lights singer said he was "honoured and ecstatic" to be performing at the big game, which will face Covid-19 logistical challenges.
"I’m probably not in my prime," says the 46-year-old, sometimes dubbed the 'granny' of the track. But she's set her sights on the 2020 Olympics.
Experts explain the pros and cons of the sport at the centre of the Netflix "Cheer" craze.
Fifa president proposes worldwide lifetime bans for those found guilty of racist behaviour.
She won the 100-metre freestyle, only to be immediately disqualified.
Tips on kit, courts, lessons and clubs to help you get moving.
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'I learnt at a young age that you were either in the sporty group or the clever group.'
We’ve even developed a solution to the initial awkwardness of boys who are nervous to use the moves on us - we just make sure we go for the first hit