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The 29-year-old man believed to have killed three people near a Christmas market in Strasbourg has died after a two day manhunt. Cherif Chekatt opened fire the moment police tried to arrest him and was shot dead.
Striking footage emerged of the attack on a Melbourne street last week, when a man crashed a car which then burst into flames before he attacked police officers. In the fracas, a man can be seen trying to stop the attacker with a trolley. This is Michael Rogers, a homeless man living in the city. Since his heroics were seen by millions all over the world, an online funding page has raised thousands for him.
The Qur’an does not justify unwarranted acts of violence - so why do a small group carry out atrocities in its name? The short answer is ignorance
After organisation dubbed 'The Cyrus Project' sent parcels to dozens of NHS sites.
He was the first person in UK to be charged for fighting against Isis.
The girls we held for a month before Boko Haram gave the majority of them back, with an ominous warning, telling them to never put their daughters in school again.
The 24-year-old was originally arrested by officers from the Royal Military Police.