Actor and comedian Kevin James is known for churning out broad physical comedies, but while they may reach big audiences
MovieWeb points us to a huge rumor stemming from Floss Magazine's Twitter account, which states: "Hollywood big wigs confirmed
Strictly Come Dancing presenter Claudia Winkleman was celebrating the birth of a baby boy, last night. The 39-year-old host
The controversial Princess Diana documentary, telling of a conspiracy surrounding her death, will receive its first public
Did you guess correctly? Well, Angelina Jolie and Sarah Jessica Parker have shot straight to the top of this year's highest
Jennifer Aniston is said to be taking a 12-month hiatus from the 'office.' The 42-year-old plans to focus all her energy
In the run-up to the release of Larry Crowne, Tom Hanks kissed just about every hand and shook just about every baby on the planet. And he did it beautifully.
During the Bush administration, aggressive foreign policy and what was perceived by many as imperial rhetoric inevitably saw much of the world's perception of America shift from the loveably inspiring, multi-cultural idealists to raging, flag-waving depots
Every year, thousands of wannabe actors and writers and directors flock to Hollywood, but not many of them wind up, as I have, as the town's resident demonologist. Trust me, it was never my plan.
From Warner Brothers to 20th Century Fox, Hollywood's most iconic studios are little more than crumbling monuments to a forgotten era. The last 40 years have seen these sleeping lions look upon change as an inevitable, unpleasant imposition to their inertia. Now another change is coming.
This year seems to be one big sequel (and I mean more than a sequel to 2010.) New movies are out and sequels, prequels and remakes are all the rage. But surely there has to be more to them than the associated plastic crap that comes in Happy Meals?
I decided to have a bit of a rant about the film scenarios that I find most unrealistic, in the hope that future filmmakers might actually take notice.
Harry Potter creator JK Rowling has parted company with her longtime literary agent Christopher Little, it has been announced
Paul Feig's romantic comedy Bridesmaids has been named the highest-grossing R-rated female comedy in movie history. According
Steven Spielberg has accepted that he is an "old-fashioned" director. The Jurassic Park helmer explained that although he
The music world is in debate as to what lies ahead. Record companies will soon be gone. No one's crying. But new musical artists are wondering how, in the internet age, they will get sufficient focus on themselves to rise to the top. Bit by bit fresh promotional mechanisms will emerge; in the meantime the new style music industry would do well to keep an eye on the world of art.
What's it like to ban a film? There is the argument that there's no research which proves that any film can cause harm. It's only a movie! Isn't it? I never click the Rejection Button without "the most anxious scrutiny". I'm acutely conscious, when doing so, that some will be upset, even outraged.
Names like Marlon Brando, Grace Kelly and Cary Grant never fail to conjure up wonderful images of glamorous Hollywood days
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