ukraine war

There’s a decidedly different magnitude of focus when it comes to Black and brown people in war-torn countries.
Charities warn of a looming homelessness crisis facing Ukrainians in the UK.
It will have been one-year since Russia invaded Ukraine this Friday.
“We will plan for this year, and next year, and the year after and beyond," the defence secretary said.
Celebrations erupted across the Ukrainian city when it was liberated last week.
Simon Clarke insisted the prime minister's unfunded tax cuts were not the main reason for the economic crisis.
The initial tranches of men called up under Russia’s partial mobilisation have started arriving at military bases.
President Joe Biden slammed Russian President Vladimir Putin for attempting “to erase a sovereign state from the map” in his address at the UN General Assembly.
Russian president claimed he is "not bluffing" when he warned he could go nuclear.