ulcerative colitis

There are no nerves in it at all so you can’t feel a thing – it really will just poop with no warning whatsoever.
Sex educator and YouTuber Hannah Witton, who lives with ulcerative colitis, shares five things she’s learnt about embarrassment through living with a stoma.
In this debut episode of Chronic, Lucy Pasha-Robinson is joined by sex educator and YouTube star Hannah Witton, who lives with ulcerative colitis. We dive head first into that enduring question that drives so many of us living with chronic illness round the bend – why are people so keen to offer up unsolicited advice on how to get better?
Parenting a small child isn't easy. Ulcerative colitis makes it even harder, writes Cedar Burnett.
The number of people with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) like Crohn's and colitis is increasing dramatically, studies have found. But what could be behind it?
Approximately 146,000 people in the UK are dealing with a hidden condition that causes their daily life to be more difficult
Sainsbury’s has announced it will be updating its toilets in stores across the UK to make them dementia and stoma-friendly
Maybe you've said it because you have felt the embarrassment that comes from the things we don't like to discuss, the things that worry us but we cannot talk about, the things we cannot bring ourselves to say to our partners, our family or even our GP.