'It made a mess on Mummy’s carpet. Margo likes it, Mummy doesn’t like it.'
9. You shouldn’t be facilitating any secret keeping. 5. You have to set clear boundaries about what you want.   6. You are
In America there is much talk of the 'Silver Tsunami'. According to Microsoft's Ed Steidl what we should really be talking about is a phenomenal global business opportunity.
First we had unicorn hair, then unicorn Louboutins, unicorn coffee, and unicorn sex toys (because apparently nothing is sacred
I am drawn to the unique. As a child I was painfully reminded of my own Otherness when a neighbour's mother told me I had 'filthy black hands'. From that point onwards I have felt a natural affinity with the unusual, the different.
"If you are familiar with "The Lord of the Rings" you might like the idea that three characters voyage off through mountainous mazes encountering battles as they quest to find an antidote to save a life."
Whichever path a business chooses; it needs to ensure that it is above all flexible. Old school organisations find pace and agility difficult to counter, and this is one of a start up's inherent advantages. When a gap in the market appears, they are quick to fill it.
Are you really? You're really obsessed with unicorns/pirates/ninjas/cheese/duck egg blue? You can't sleep without thinking of these things? You wake up and the first thing on your mind is unicorns/wasabi peas/whatever the f***? Then you're an idiot, what's more you're not even a special idiot.