Union bosses attack Labour leader directly as MPs on the left tweet solidarity with exiting shadow transport minister.
The row emerged the day after it was revealed the union is facing a £70m loss on a controversial hotel project.
The union spent nearly £100 million building the Birmingham venue, which is now the subject of a QC-led inquiry.
Starmer's strong support for NATO is another example of the the party’s clear break with the Corbyn era.
Keir Starmer's party insists it is 'under new management' in public spat with largest donor
General secretary candidate Steve Turner says project was a responsible use of members’ money
General secretary candidate slams McCluskey era and says Labour leader should be given “time”.
Steve Turner says any evidence of anything "untoward" would trigger QC-led review.
Favourite to replace Len McCluskey on Millwall, Militant and knowing your turf.
With successor expected in place by late August, both left and right candidates declare it’s time for “change”