United States presidential election

PM says US democracy "strong" despite what he calls "toings and froings" in wake of presidential election.
The president is said to have told sources he will declare himself the winner if it looks like he's “ahead.”
Her confirmation marks a major political victory for Trump just days before the presidential election.
Trump shows we are only ever a small step away from going from electing a black president, to crowds baying to send an American 'back' because she happens to be black, Diane Abbott writes.
While the next US presidential elections won’t be until November 2020, candidates looking to represent their party in the race have started announcing their intentions to run. With Trump as the incumbent leader of the Republican party, the race to represent the Democratic party will be more contested, and more interesting. With a large and diverse group of democrats coming forward, we look at some of their policies and issues they’re expected to run on.
President Donald Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.