More than nine in 10 students are already worried about the cost of living crisis.
"I’m looking forward to becoming part of such an energetic and innovative community."
"Our emotional muscles need training just as much as our physical muscles do."
"Holding open, challenging debates rather than silencing the views of those we don’t agree with helps to build tolerance and address prejudice and discrimination."
As one university aims to have a "drug-free" campus by next year.
"It is fundamentally important - for students, graduates and employers - that degrees hold their value over time."
'Our universities are world leading in so many areas and I want them to be the best in the world for support and pastoral care as well.'
Unclear "what, if anything, was done" to help 19-year-old, despite suicide attempt, coroner hears.
Lower overall costs could be attractive to some learners, government says.