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As now's the time when most students are looking through universities to see which ones offer the best course, here's a special
If you hate jocks and cheerleaders and the thought of donning a sports kit feels you with fear, you might be wanting to opt
The recent publication of the world university rankings has shone the spotlight on higher education around the globe...
If you're fanatic about sport, then choosing an institution with awesome facilities is going to be pretty important to you
Everyone knows Cambridge is pretty, Oxford's not bad either, etc etc, but have you ever ogled at Otago University in New
Top universities are so focused on research they are neglecting teaching, while the UK's institutions are "suffering" due
I appreciate that getting into Oxbridge is extremely competitive and is a 'feat' in its own right, but it really doesn't matter whether Oxford is better than Cambridge and it shouldn't matter whether we go to one or the other or indeed any other university - at least not to the extent that it defines our identity and that is all people see.
The UK's top universities have warned they will need more public funding if they are to continue to compete with institutions
The UK has the most universities in a list of the world's best higher education establishments under the age of 50, although