Vascular surgery

One morning on the ward round the vascular surgeons came to see Derrick. They told him that the left leg was not going to heal and that it had begun to die.
Research from The Whiteley Clinic has suggested that 1 in 7 women having varicose vein surgery are currently getting the wrong operation. Even worse, this rises to 1 in 5 women if they have had children.
As we all know, the medical world moves slowly, particularly when it comes to recommendations or guidelines. In many instances when drugs or malignant conditions are being assessed, there is a very good rationale for this slow change and there are many examples to support a thorough and well-reasoned (albeit slow) approach.
Varicose vein surgery, as with any surgical speciality, is basically a practical procedure that requires an understanding of the underlying processes. Therefore in the purest sense, it is really no different from virtually any other area of human activity.
So what is the standard treatment for leg ulcers in the UK? Unfortunately it has still not moved on from the dressing and compression treatment so popular 100 years ago.