Vatican City

The Holy See said Pope Francis does not meet with political figures in election periods.
Pontiff slapped woman's hand away while he was meeting the public in St Peter’s Square.
He is believed to have been trapped for around 25 minutes this morning.
One of Italy's most enduring mysteries just got even more intriguing.
Two 19th century princesses were supposed to be buried in the Teutonic Cemetery.
The document, published during LGBTQ Pride Month, stresses procreation.
The Vatican treasurer is the most senior Catholic cleric to have been charged with such an offence.
The four-day event brings together bishops, officials and experts to address the "evil" of abuse within the church.
In what is considered an unprecedented move, the Vatican is summoning senior bishops from around the world to participate in a four-day conference which will tackle sex abuse within the Church. Survivors of sexual abuse by clergy, as well as those who have spoken out against it, have welcomed Pope Francis' initiative.