Vatican City

The Holy See said Pope Francis does not meet with political figures in election periods.
Pontiff slapped woman's hand away while he was meeting the public in St Peter’s Square.
He is believed to have been trapped for around 25 minutes this morning.
One of Italy's most enduring mysteries just got even more intriguing.
Two 19th century princesses were supposed to be buried in the Teutonic Cemetery.
The document, published during LGBTQ Pride Month, stresses procreation.
The Vatican treasurer is the most senior Catholic cleric to have been charged with such an offence.
The four-day event brings together bishops, officials and experts to address the "evil" of abuse within the church.
In what is considered an unprecedented move, the Vatican is summoning senior bishops from around the world to participate in a four-day conference which will tackle sex abuse within the Church. Survivors of sexual abuse by clergy, as well as those who have spoken out against it, have welcomed Pope Francis' initiative.
Pope Francis had a good chuckle during his general audience at Vatican City, as a small boy broke through security and ran around on stage. The crowd-pleaser then on went to pull the sleeve of a Swiss guard on the podium, to check if he was real.
He calls for urgent transition to alternative energy at Vatican meeting.
Monsignor Carlo Alberto Capella was first reported by American and Canadian officials.
Weeks after Francis condemned the spread of fake news, the Vatican released a digitally altered photo.
Weeks after Francis condemned the spread of fake news, the Vatican releases a digitally altered photo.
A male escort’s list reportedly contains texts and photos from Italian priests and seminarians.
The Vatican City consumes more wine per capita than any other country in the world, 74 litres per person, double that of
It would be something only unimaginable to my mind, to receive a phone call from some stranger permanently inflicting me with the knowledge that my father had set himself on fire. On Thursday, a fifty-one year old man decided he would stroll into St. Peter's Square in Vatican City, pour petrol over his own body and set himself on fire for the whole world to see.
The Europe subreddit recently held a poll to survey what Europeans think of each other with some pretty interesting results
The Roman rivalry was put to one side on Wednesday as AS Roma captain Francesco Totti and Lazio striker Louis Saha met Pope