Victoria Wood

'Very few people knew she had a terminal illness.'
The pair had been chums since their teenage years.
Phillip Schofield has recalled a touching story about Victoria Wood, as 'This Morning' paid tribute to the late comedian
She was one of the finest, one of the greats. The wit was a reading wit: funny, intelligent, observant realism with a twitching sting. It was subdermal: deeper than language and timing; it fluttered in her stomach and it caught in her giggles. It knew pathos and pain. She understood her country, and helped to explain it. I don't think anybody identified with Alan Bennett's observations as much as Wood. They often used the same actors. She recognised the voices of his Talking Heads (1988/1998) and extended our time in their company. Whilst Bennett's were twitching curtains, and having solicitous affairs with Hindu shopkeepers, Wood's were elsewhere.
Victoria Wood's brother has revealed she was "determined" to keep her cancer diagnosis a secret before her death on Wednesday
Victoria Wood's close friend and long-time collaborator Julie Walters has described the loss of the comedian as "incalculable
From 'New Faces' to 'Dinnerladies' and beyond...
'We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Victoria- she paved the way.'
The entertainment world has lost a comedy giant.