Vogue Italia

'There are real issues regarding representation in fashion - it's our responsibility to acknowledge those issues.'
Conde Nast International said the magazine was going for a “stylized bronzing effect.”
Which is fabulous, if only this style of casting was the rule rather than the exception. Grey has built its reputation on providing #NextGenerationGrey - the gritty, elegant, eccentric representation of the 40+. We sign arresting looks over pretty faces, strength of character over neighbour-next-door.
  The issue also features supermodels Iman and Benedetta Barzini and is set to be one for the collectors.  Of all the Vogues
'I was mesmerised by her strength of character.'
She died Thursday at age 66 after battling an illness.
Victoria Beckham has paid tribute to style icon Franca Sozzani. The longtime editor-in-chief of Italian Vogue died on Thursday
Credit 'Queen of Christian' by Edwin Antonio PhotoVogue featuring Dior Shoes EAS © Original painting, Frederic Leighton, Flaming