A man paralysed from the shoulders down has been able to walk using a robotic exoskeleton, controlled by two implants that read signals from his brain. The suit is purely an experimental prototype for now, but researchers are hoping it be rolled out worldwide as the technology advances.
Hit the road, the path or the trail… just get walking.
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In this edition of Walks Around Britain, I take a challenging walk to the summit of Silver How in the Lake District, and
Obviously the dark nights and cold weather bring their own challenges in terms of preparing to head out with a baby, and the clothing you use has a huge impact on their enjoyment of each trip, but I've been amazingly impressed with how well our 8-month-old lad has adapted to the changing seasons.
In my other pocket was my smartphone, a phone I would only use in case of an emergency. But I was confident that I could handle the walk. Come on, guys. I do this exercise walk quite a bit and it would be better defined as a power walk. I walk quickly.
With the leaves about to turn all fiery in autumn colours, now's the time to start planning some Autumnal walks in the woods. Here's a list of ten of my favourites for this time of year.
Getting away from it all can unclutter the brain and boost creativity, a study suggests. Scientists found that young volunteers
To help you leaf-kick your autumnal fitness regime, HuffPost UK Lifestyle has rounded up 10 of the best walks around Britain