This is the last series of 'Wallander' films to star the British actor.
Fans of 'The Bridge', 'Borgen' and 'The Killing' all have their favourites when it comes to their Scandinavian heroes and
Richard Harrington jokes about his being given the lead role in such a big project as Welsh detective drama 'Hinterland'. "They
Following its pilot showing last year, 'Shetland' returned to our screens last night, to fill the gap left by... 'The Bridge
With the wide shots of beautiful highland lochs, bleak but beautiful glens, barren landscapes punctuated perfectly by a little
"I was reading one of my favourite music magazines, and I suddenly saw my own face. That's how I discovered I'd made it to
The beautifully photographed swans sweeping low over the lake at the beginning of this final episode proved a suitable metaphor
If our eyes had started to adjust to the Swedish light, the foreign landscape beginning to look a little less exotic, Wallander’s
I'm a big fan of Henning Menkel's Wallander novels and the Swedish television series that came out of them, and it's only because I still pine for the latter that I watched Kenneth Branagh's English version last night.
Poor Kurt Wallander. Last time we saw him, the lugubrious Swede was desperate for a quiet life, wanting nothing more than