Wars and Conflicts

We are all at risk of forgetting one of the world’s most complex and urgent humanitarian crises
£2.5bn aid helping refugees, but 2013 lessons should be learned
I urge all concerned people to write to your MP and ask for the conflict in Yemen to ensure that the UK government is doing all it can to bring a peaceful end to this horrific crisis
As we enter into the last weeks of the year, it is now a matter of life and death. They’re human beings. Like us. Like you and me
More than 90,000 school-age Syrian refugee children in Jordan are not in education.
We cannot afford to sacrifice what’s left of our skeletal principles
Many families had to make the difficult choice to leave Syria, many of them crossed to Europe on a perilous route that can end up killing them, that is not easy, I know… My stepsister is one of them
Even a life in exile has not stopped him from pursuing his dream.
Pro-government militia shot Aiysha's mother, father and brother - but traumatised girl escaped with her life.