Water scarcity

A thinktank has warned of the negative impact increased water scarcity could have on the Northern Powerhouse project as a whole
England could see a serious water shortage within 25 years if we don’t change our habits, according to the chief of the Environment Agency. Sir James Bevan says that both leaks in water company pipes, and changes from individuals could both go towards avoiding the country running dry by 2040. Here are some small changes that can make a big difference to our water usage at home.
Time-effective things to do to help save the planet.
With the right appliances in your home and office, reducing water consumption becomes far more effective than ever before.
Every time you feel that splash of water, you don’t take it for granted
If Day Zero becomes reality, Cape Town, South Africa will be the first major city in the world to run out of water. 518
African countries are behind the global curve in providing clean water and sanitation services, but creating a water-poverty map is a good start.
Will bottled water producers be able to keep up?
If Capetonians ever hit 'day zero', the freedom to flush or not to flush will no longer be ours.
Residents' collective water usage has decreased by 20-million litres per day.