weight gain

Whatever your plans are over this strained Christmas period, remember you don’t deserve to be shamed, writes Harriet Williamson.
A handful of nuts every day could make a difference.
I am a realist and know that it is inevitable that most if not all owners will give extra food whatever I say about the risks. But, if you plan carefully, you can still do that without the associated weight gain
'I was miserable – always cold, lifeless, and struggled to get through the day. I survived on salads and black coffee...'
Christian Bale's weight gain for the upcoming film “Backseat” isn’t the only time an actor has made a drastic transformation.
The sweeteners have also been linked to diabetes and heart disease.
Opting for a diet fizzy drink may seem like the healthier option, but artificial sweeteners used in the beverages may actually
The "Dad Bod" is real and women everywhere are like, "Yes, we know." A new study, conducted by the University of Bath and
Coffee can make you fat. I know. Some of you will want to block your ears at this information. Sorry, I can't change our biochemistry! Caffeine acts on the adrenal glands by stimulating the production of adrenalin.
Most of the weight gain you may see straight after New Year's Eve is water weight from the extra salt and carbohydrate consumed through all the meat and chocolate. Yum! So, some might say we should all stop fretting and enjoy the Christmas period for what it is. A time to enjoy ourselves a celebrate another year!