welfare cuts

Austerity Bites: The savings from deep cuts in spending have been blown away by Brexit
Exclusive: Government concedes sign-up process requires paid phone call.
The government has been forced into an embarrassing backtrack after admitting Universal Credit claimants need to call a costly
Disabled people have been disproportionately hit by the Government’s cuts to welfare, a report has warned as it outlines
For too long, the government's approach to the welfare bill has been focused simply on cutting entitlements, rather than addressing the underlying causes. If the government want to reduce the number of people on ESA and deliver on their commitments on mental health, they should scrap these cuts and instead focus on prevention, on supporting people and on turning off the tap.
The lowering of the benefit cap by as much as £6,000 a year from next week will throw some 300,000 children closer to homelessness
Voices and ideas from the areas of food, land, travellers, domestic violence, poverty, asylum and debt are all vital to finding grains of truth that allow us to face up to our Hidden Civil War. To face difficult truths in troubled times, we require deep collaboration, reflection and above all, listening.