West Coast Main Line

The un-stable service prevented MPs from making it to Westminster for the swearing in of Parliament.
A fallen tree and a fatality are accounting for the divide.
Virgin's partner Stagecoach has been barred from three rail franchise bids.
Virgin Trains said an investigation was underway.
I had finally done it. Six weeks ago I started my very first full time paid job in London. The trouble was, like most young people, I wasn't in the position to move to the city straight away. So, I made the decision to accept the job and commute daily from Birmingham until I was in a better position to move...
Virgin Trains today promised to increase capacity on the West Coast mainline after it secured a deal to continue running
Civil servant failures over the West Coast rail contract will cost taxpayers "at least £50 million", a report by MPs said
Transport group Stagecoach delivered a 39% rise in half-year profits thanks to continued strong growth in its regional bus
Transport giant FirstGroup has been forced to freeze its dividend because of the uncertainty caused by the botched attempt
An accumulation of "significant errors" by the Department for Transport (DfT) resulted in a "flawed" West Coast rail franchise
We have an outrageously expensive rail network in the UK. Regardless of which franchisee operates the West Coast Mainline, this is unlikely to change any time soon. In fact, unless you are lucky enough to be able to book in advance, it's often cheaper to take the car.
Three cabinet ministers are braced for a potentially career-ending game of whodunnit following the revelation that the Department
A senior MP has demanded sweeping changes to the civil service amid the West Coast main line rail fiasco. On Thursday, Labour
Three Department for Transport officials involved in the now-scrapped West Coast rail franchise competition have been suspended
Patrick McLoughlin, the transport secretary, has refused to say sorry publicly to Sir Richard Branson for the £40m West Coast
Legal action by Virgin Rail has prevented the government signing a contract awarding a major franchise to a rival bidder
Labour is urging the Government to delay signing a new West Coast Mainline contract so MPs have a chance to fully scrutinise
Sir Richard Branson has blasted the Department of Transport for its "insanity" in awarding the West Coast Main Line that
Sir Richard Branson's train company is set to lose its West Coast main line rail franchise in a government decision which