Westminster City Council

A boy stabbed to death by a gang allegedly wielding knives and swords was today named by family friends as Hani Abou El-Kheir
UPDATE: Teenager Stabbed To Death In Pimlico Is Named By Family Friends As Hani Abou El-Kheir A teenager was reportedly heard
We need to recognise that, even in a global, modern city like London, there are communities where people struggle to access fresh fruit and vegetables and afford to pay for leisure facilities. Local councils should tackle this exclusion head-on.
Now that we have some of these insights on The Future, thanks to more advanced technologies, knowledge-workers can go to work to keep the candle burning brightly. Because Insight is for Everyone.
A new free Wi-Fi service has launched in London's West End as the Olympic Games get underway. The service is available from
Westminster council has challenged the 2011 Census data, saying it has "serious concerns" about the figures released on Monday
Westminster City Council is stubbornly implementing charges for late evening, early night-time and Sunday parking in the West End, against the advice of residents, businesses, the entertainment industry, and churches.